Southeast Texas Declared a Disaster Area by Governor Greg Abbott

Houston Area Hit by EF2 and EF3 Tornadoes, Confirms National Weather Service

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas has issued a disaster declaration for Southeast Texas communities affected by severe storms. The National Weather Service has confirmed that EF2 and EF3 tornadoes hit parts of the Houston area, causing significant damage to homes, vehicles, and businesses. The disaster declaration includes Harris and Orange counties and will aid in the state’s recovery efforts, with more counties possibly added as damage is assessed. The Texas Division of Emergency Management has sent personnel to assess the damage and has requested assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to help determine if the state qualifies for federal disaster assistance. Abbott has urged affected residents to complete a self-reporting survey to expedite assistance.

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What makes an area a disaster area?

An area can be designated as a disaster area by a government official, such as a governor or president, after severe weather or other natural or man-made events have caused significant damage and disruption to the area. This designation allows for the release of federal funds and resources to assist with recovery efforts and provide aid to those affected by the disaster. Factors that are considered when determining if an area should be designated as a disaster area include the severity of the damage, the number of people affected, and the resources available to respond to the disaster.

Q: What did Gov. Greg Abbott do in response to the severe storms in Southeast Texas?

A: Gov. Greg Abbott issued a disaster declaration for communities in Southeast Texas impacted by the severe storms.

Q: What did the National Weather Service confirm about the storms in the Houston area?

A: The National Weather Service confirmed that an EF2 and an EF3 tornado hit parts of the Houston area, causing massive damage to homes, vehicles, and businesses.

Q: What counties does the disaster declaration include?

A: The disaster declaration includes Harris and Orange counties, and more counties may be added as damage is assessed.

Q: What resources will be provided to those affected by the tornadoes?

A: The disaster declaration will provide all necessary resources to help Texans navigate the recovery process during this difficult time.

Q: What is the iSTAT survey and why is it important?

A: The iSTAT survey is a self-reporting damage survey that is available in English and Spanish. It helps emergency management officials understand the damages that occurred during the tornadoes to help expedite federal disaster assistance.

Q: What does TDEM stand for and what role does it play in the disaster response?

A: TDEM stands for Texas Division of Emergency Management. It sent state emergency response personnel on Wednesday to the hard-hit areas to assess the damage, and Abbott directed TDEM to prepare response resources ahead of the severe weather threats and engage state assets in support of local officials across Texas.

Q: Is reporting damage to TDEM mandatory and does it guarantee disaster relief assistance?

A: Reporting damage to TDEM is voluntary and those affected should still report damage to their insurance agency. Reporting to TDEM also does not guarantee disaster relief assistance.

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