Houston’s effort to involve residents in keeping city drains clean is ruined by inappropriate naming suggestions.

The Adopt-A-Drain program in Houston was created to help prevent flooding by having local residents adopt a storm drain and commit to cleaning it four times a year. However, some users have abused the nickname field by giving the drains explicit names and making political statements, which has caused the city to consider implementing a naming approval process in order to prevent this from happening in the future. Despite the abuse, many users have given the drains funny and pun-filled nicknames, such as “Matthew Mccongh-drain” and “How to Drain Your Dragon”.

Below are some of the silliest name suggestions:

  • Matthew Mccongh-drain
  • How to Drain Your Dragon
  • Drain “The Rock” Johnson
  • I Can’t Believe its not Gutter
  • I bless the drains down in Africa
  • Pennywise’s Lair
  • Pinky and the Drain
  • Midnight Drain To Georgia
  • Sewert Little
  • Grate Expectations
  • The Downward Spiral
  • Purple Drain

Read more at: https://www.houstonchronicle.com/news/houston-texas/article/Houston-Adopt-A-Drain-names-explicit-17725521.php

How to Adopt a Drain?

  1. Look up the drainage system and find one to name – https://mapsop1.houstontx.gov/Adopta/
  2. Select a drain to see if it is available
  3. Click Adopt

That’s it!

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